Pouncer, Adam Balbo, Hope Arthur @ North Coast Organics - Fort Wayne, IN 7/18/14

It's not every day that one gets to photograph an intimate concert in an organic deodorant factory, but this was one such day.  BYOB, a maze of hallways and stairs, a dimly lit room, sublime scents and tunes.  Pouncer, Adam Balbo, and Hope Arthur perform at North Coast Organics in Fort Wayne, IN.  

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Chris and Jenna Dammerich :: 2014

Thunderstorms and rain did nothing to dampen the genuine joy and heartfelt emotion on this day of Chris and Jenna's wedding.  Smiles, laughter, tenderness, and love...these are the things that turn a special day into a magical one, and this day felt truly magical!  Chris and Jenna, it was a privilege to photograph your wedding, and I wish you the very best!

It was a wonderful experience to spend the day with so much of my family, and to work alongside such an adept assistant, my brother, David Allegre.  Thank you David!

See the full set of photos here.

Craig and Jess Caplinger :: 2014

A lovely wedding on a warm and sunny summer day!  Congrats to my good friends Craig and Jess!  There are times when photographing a wedding feels like work, and then there are times when it feels like you're hanging out with friends and carrying a camera around.  This day was fun from start to finish.  

My wonderful friend and an amazing photographer, Stephanie Buchenberg, partnered with me in shooting this wedding.  I could not have done it without her!

See the full set of photos here.

Artlink Wet Paint Auction - 6/22/14

Photos from the Artlink Wet Paint Auction featuring Fort Wayne artists creating works in Headwaters Park.  The works were auctioned at RibFest in Headwaters Park immediately after being created.  A portion of the proceeds from the works will be used to support Artlink's budget.  


Map Points Launch Party @ Wunderkammer - 6/6/14

I was a bit late to the Map Points launch party, but I managed to catch Amy Jo Trier-Walker and George Kalamaras.  Map Points is an online poetry and prose journal edited by Shannon Elward and Ben Larson.  The journal is beautifully designed and is very much worth checking out.  It's always exciting to see things like this coming together in our community.  Go to mappoints.org to read the inaugural issue and for more information.

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