Pouncer, Adam Balbo, Hope Arthur @ North Coast Organics - Fort Wayne, IN 7/18/14

It's not every day that one gets to photograph an intimate concert in an organic deodorant factory, but this was one such day.  BYOB, a maze of hallways and stairs, a dimly lit room, sublime scents and tunes.  Pouncer, Adam Balbo, and Hope Arthur perform at North Coast Organics in Fort Wayne, IN.  

Check out the full set here (50 photos in the full set): http://www.photos.fahrenheit128.com/pouncer-balbo-hope


Map Points Launch Party @ Wunderkammer - 6/6/14

I was a bit late to the Map Points launch party, but I managed to catch Amy Jo Trier-Walker and George Kalamaras.  Map Points is an online poetry and prose journal edited by Shannon Elward and Ben Larson.  The journal is beautifully designed and is very much worth checking out.  It's always exciting to see things like this coming together in our community.  Go to mappoints.org to read the inaugural issue and for more information.

Click here for the complete photo set.